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An Amusing Day

Sometimes our day cannot be as much good as we want it to be. A day when right from the morning we feel like dear lady luck is very upset with us and doing just the opposite of what we want. I recall such a dreadful day of my life. I started my morning by falling off my bed. Apparently I was dreaming about having a sprint with Usain Bolt. Then suddenly a trench came in our way. I jumped, but instead of reaching on the other side of the track, I ended up on my floor. Waking up, stunned by the fall, I noticed that my alarm clock was dead. I had woken up half an hour late. I panicked and quickly went to dress up for my school. While packing my bag I kept getting this gut feeling that I was forgetting something. Then I realized, I have my Chemistry unit test today. In the lazy and joyful weekend that I had spent, I had completely forgotten that my tests would be starting on Monday. In sheer tension I screamed loudly and then out of nowhere a few pillows hit me on my face. It seemed that I had woken up my sister. But I couldn’t care less. I had to rush to the bus stop to catch my bus. By the time I reached there my worst fear had come true, my bus was gone. I had to wait for an alternative as nobody in my house had time to take me to school. Now, at 6’o’clock on a winter morning, finding another bus or auto in my area is like spotting a penguin in a desert (or even harder than that!). The whole area was silent and vacant, most of the people still in their dreams. Somehow I managed to get an auto and after continuously prompting him to drive faster and faster, I reached my school just as the gates were about to be closed. The school coordinator had started giving me his long speech about “the importance of coming on time”, but I ignored him and rushed towards my examination hall.
The exam had already started. To my shock, our batch was assigned the most rude and strict invigilator of the whole world. On entering the examination room, he gave me the speech about “the importance of coming on time” anyway. I started my paper in an instant but soon my interest dried down. It looked like a foreign language test to me, but I finished it anyway. To my relief the exam was over soon and was back in my own class. The very next period, our math teacher came in and asked us to submit our homework. As I couldn’t give it I had yet another scolding from my teacher. As this was not enough, in the games period while playing football someone pushed me and I fell and hurt my leg. Coming back to class tired, hungry and bruised I realized that in my hurry, I had forgotten to pack my lunch in the morning. I felt like banging my head on the table. Irritated, I began to think how someone’s day can go so bad. “Day…bad day….bad day….” I stood up with a start. Today was one of my friend’s birthday. He had invited me the other day for his birthday party in the cafeteria. I thought that I could still have some good moments on such an awful day. Fortunately, it was all well at his birthday party and I had something to eat too. The next period our physics teacher asked for our homework copy. Luckily I had finished that work earlier so I was saved. In the last period our Chemistry teacher came and discussed the paper. As I calculated my marks, I got 16 out of 20 in Chemistry, not bad for an exam I didn’t even study for. I thought “not a bad day in the end at least”. When I went to my bus while returning home, everybody congratulated me on my luck. Everybody told me that in the morning the bus got a flat tyre midway, so everybody had to wait in the cold and were late for the exam anyway. This cheered me up a little bit. Back home, I saw that my mother had laid down a grandeur meal for me as she thought I hadn’t eaten the whole day. Also my father had fixed up the alarm clock, so that I won’t be late again. I couldn’t complain at all. At the end of the day I was thanking my luck for such an amusing day.
This incident made me realize that our story, our day, our life may not have such a happy beginning. But that doesn’t mean it will be like this forever. It’s the rest of our story, our day, our life and the way we chose to lead it that defines how much we have succeeded in life.

Dhrubajyoti Narayan
Bhavan’s Mehta Vidyalaya
New Delhi-110001

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