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Autobiography of a forest

Imagine a morning when elephants are giving you a dry blow bath, tigers, lions, wolves are sitting with you and having breakfast, dear fox is serving you, monkeys are jumping on the electrical wires, birds are chirping on your head, camels are playing in your play area, chicken are sitting in the kitchen with your mother, polar bears are bathing with your younger brother, crows are in your bed, and zebras are sitting on the laptop with your father and searching for www.anyforestleftfor
You want me to give you more examples; I can go on and on. But my intention is not to panic you; I want to show you the reality and future, of which we are really ignorant. I prevent global warming, soil erosion, habitat destruction, acid rains, and water crisis. I try to take good care of yours and in return you need to sit and think. This is your positive action which will fetch you positive results in return.
There were times when I gave you trees laden with fruits, wood and I was a home for many animals and birds, but today my existence is just name sake and you can’t actually see me around. You are moving ahead and leaving me far behind, without acknowledging the role that I play in your life. If you want to see me tomorrow, save me today, so that, you have a life left for you as well. Small gestures and actions can lead to big differences. We can travel in public transports; it’s not about status but about our own habitat. It is only a matter of carrying a hand bag along rather than a poly bag. Education makes sense only when it is applied in right direction. A lot has been said about saving the forests; it’s about ‘doing’ now.

Garv Bhupesh
V – C
Bhavan Vidyalaya, Jr. Wing
Sector – 33 – D

Words of Appreciation

deepali devanand Awesome. Did you write it on your own?
Mrs. Jilesh Excellent no doubt. Keep writing. Good creativity and thinking.
Sidhant Sahni Awesome its so amazing I want to thank you for providing this autobiography.
amarnath chakraborty pl send me autobiography detail

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