Gandhi Quiz


Tongue Twisters

1. Shecky sells shoes socks in smiths shop
2. Mice tries french fries which brings nice praise
3. Queen quickly caught the cat before the cat caught the rat
4. The tiger tried to tie the tie to the turtle but the turtle turned to tiger and tied the tie to tiger
5. The knights write in the nights.
6. Aunt had an ant which acts like the aunt.
7. Lirel barill squirrel.
8. Madam marks maths marks of Adam , who makes marked marks mess so madam warned Adam not to make marked marks mess.
9. Mice makes nice fries, fries makes nice taste. Thus mice nice chef
10. Shacky saw a sack. Shacky was shocked to see snake in the sack. so shacky shouted as he was scared.

V D,
BVB Tirupati

Words of Appreciation

prethi it's good !!!!!!!!!
Thejal Nice work!!

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