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Once our English teacher asked us to write a paragraph on “My pet”. Everybody wrote a cat, a dog, an elephant, a bear as their pets, but for me my pet had to be a Hybrid Pet.
Yes, a hybrid pet. This would have a looooonnnngggg neck of a giraffe, a swooping tail of a lion, a soft fur of a panda bear, a biiigggg trunk of an elephant and could run at a lightning speed of a cheetah. It would pluck out the fruits of its choice from skyscraping trees, could spray water on animal friends when they felt the heat of jungle. This would be kind too and whenever any animal was in trouble it would reach them in double. It would have swift and powerful paws.
This is the kind of pet I want. Don’t forget a pet but a Hybrid Pet.

Garv Bhupesh
IV – C
Bhavan Vidyalaya (Junior wing)
Sector – 33

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abin mathew p.s very very good

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