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Do Ghosts exist?

Most of the people believe in ghosts in this modern world. I simply don't want to comment on the existense of ghosts. But, I think it would be foolish to believe and also be afraid of ghosts. I've seen, my friends fear to go out in dark. Yes, there may be ghosts and some of us may believe it. But, we shouldn't allow our fear to grow till that extent. Instead, we should keep faith in the one and only supernatural power in the world,i.e., God. We should be sure that if God's mercy is with us, no one can harm us. Lastly, I just want to say that, if you believe a fact, face that with courage.

Ms Rini Sultana,
Class- 8
Modern English School,

Words of Appreciation

Ananya Barman I believe in spirits.
nandita I too don't believe in ghosts but I believe there is God.
Parth That is right that many people believe in ghosts and spirits which bring fear in our minds.
maheshwari Nice thought.
rimsha I don't believe in ghosts and god too.
piyush chopra.....always rocking I cannot say that there is ghost or not. If there is god then ghost will also be there.
vaishnavi Yes,there are some people who believe in ghosts but that's not true.
katrina kaif I don't believe.
ksv keerthana I really like the last line to face a fact with courage.
Aman Nice.
Preetish Chandra I believe in ghosts because I have seen one.

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