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If I were a princess...

If I were a princess, I would enjoy all the luxuries of the world. The best part is I would not have to do any work. All I would have to do is just give an order and the work would be done. I would help my father - the king in the administration of the kingdom. I would love to learn all the martial arts and thus put a stop to all the wrong deeds in my kingdom. I would inherit my father's throne after him and become a queen. I would make sure everyone in my kingdom is happy. And in this way I would become a great queen. I would also annex all the kingdoms and establish an empire. Then I would become an empress. In the history I would become a famous and powerful queen like Rani Lakshmi bai. I would also make sure that India is united so that it is not captured.

KSV Keerthana

Words of Appreciation

dhanushabvb Definitely you will become like Jhansi Lakshmi bai.
SIDRAH I loved the passage but is there some stuff for grade 4.
bhavya I loved this passage.
vishnu prasd this a very nice essay, so i like id. i request my all friend's plz read this essay. thank you
Vismaya Gauri Krishnan May god bless Keerthana. It was really useful for me to write an essay! Surely god will shower her with her blessings.Once again, may god blss you, Keerthana
Debadarshini Mishra I love this story & I love my family
MARYAMQ I think Sidrah is right.
ananya singh thanks for helping me with the lovely paragraph
khushi it was vry helpful to me...ty
jasheen sayed Quite impressive essay!
Shraddha nice story. I like it.
Nishtha Ahuja Very impressive paragraph.It gave me a lot of ideas to complete my project.
roy good keep it up
roy It is awesome but short.
sakshi This was a good passage
fathima impressive
ashini This is kind of an essay for a grade 2 student to write. I'm in grade 8 too but my vocabulary and English knowledge is way advanced than yours
kausar zakri ya, this is what i was looking for . thanks a lot for helping me .
Sierra tay It's okay to mess up once you get back up and try again
Sierra tay Never give up, believe in yourself when other done believe in you, and always have faith and be kind
anamta fatima Beautiful essay
anamta fatima Beautiful essay
Lovely Rose Its just an awesome awesome essay but in this there is a small mistake and that is queen don't gave the order but take everything by on her self and it should be always fine with everyone.
Gahsk Very good essay.
Anjum Chaggala Good essay
Alya awasthi It was nice and it helped me a great deal.
Gauri vishnoi I like this passage very much.
Fairy Tahir Nice essay.

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