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If I get a Magic Pencil

If I get a Magic Pencil, I will do lot of magic with that pencil. I will do my work with that pencil. If my hands pain, I will say, “Do my work.” I will name him “Tweet”. If I will say, ‘I want to become a fairy,’ immediately I will become a fairy! If any teacher comes and says, “I will see who will come first,’ I will tell my pencil, ‘Please, help me come first.’ He will help me to become first and the teacher will be happy with me. If I draw something on a paper with my magic pencil, it will become real. If nobody is my friend, it can become my friend. If I don’t have something, it will give me that thing. I will be happy with Tweet, the Magic Pencil. I will play, enjoy and eat with him. We will sleep together. I will be very happy if I get a ‘Magic Pencil.’

S.K. Abhilashini,
Class IV,
Bhavan's Sawan Public School,
Bhatti Mines Road,
New Delhi - 110074

Words of Appreciation

Carthik Babu M.S Cute Thinking... and cute affection towards the thought
vikash Nice thinking about the magic pencil.
shakthi priya Sweet to imagine. Congrats!
Aaisha Oh! Wish I had that pencil!
tanisha Very nice imagination. I liked your idea of writing about a magic pencil.
agrani Very nice! I also want it.
priyanka It is nice , attractive,good.
monika good effort
shohjahon in Uzbekistan very good idea.I also want it . thank you for imagine
shohjahon in Uzbekistan very good idea.I also want it . thank you for imagine
Garry Singh What a story but i being a boy didn't like the fairy one
vani Not so good
sabiha Very Good. I can have it for my essay
Angeliqueblack yeah lasso!way to go!
jasmine very poor English. really didn't liked it..
rakesh very good
aditi very nice imagination.attractive.thanks and congrats
tiya Nice thoughts
taruni very good. I also want it.

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