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Global Warming by Sumaiya

Global Warming is one of the burning issues in the world. It can be defined as the rise in average temperature globally. Metaphorically it means the Earth is on fire, which is nothing but a penalty of human work. The sun rays come to Earth and are blocked by the Green house Gas Effect and can’t get out.

Everyday more sun rays are being blocked making the Earth hot. It has many scientific causes behind it.
The use of Armaments is one of the main cause of Global Warming.
A fully mature tree takes 20 to 25 years to grow and the way we are cutting millions of trees in a day it is next to impossible to replace the trees. So what will be our future if we cut the cooling system of the Earth like this?
We the common people are realizing it by making organizations like (RAN) Rainforest Action Network, RYSE, etc.

Are we really trying our best to stop the Earth from Global Warming? We can try because Nothing is Impossible.

Sumaiya Kalam Siddiqui

Words of Appreciation

pooja acharya Itz really nice Sumaiya.
Abdullah Arsheyan Nice essay May Allah fulfill ur dreams Amen!
kate It is very nice.
paris hilton It's nice but it is short.
Devashree Earth is on fire!! We must try to save it.
Madhulika murthy Good effort!

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