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Credit Cards – Harmful or Useful?

All the discoveries and inventions have faced such controversies ignited by the ignorant critics on the earth. Our society is once again in a ‘love hate’ relationship but this time with CREDIT CARDS. On one hand we love the convenience and ease of its use but on the other people hate getting trapped in the web of consequences of negligent and ignorant use of plastic money.
I raise my voice to bring to light the positive impacts of Credit cards and hence oppose the motion – ‘Credit cards do more harm than good’.
The debate over whether the use of credit cards is good or bad is fierce, and seemingly never-ending. Many people feel that credit cards are the root of all evil, while others look at the benefits. But the key to the debate is, truly understanding what a credit card is.
Let’s suppose, God forbid, we are caught in the clutches of misfortune and land up in a hospital under emergency. Thanks to our hospital policies – ‘to deposit the advance before any formal treatment’ what do we do? Do we rush home to collect cash or a chequebook which may not be always feasible, let me remind you, due to distance, time or condition. Or do we just delve into our pockets and produce the ever ready credit card accepted by one and all and save the day and ourselves with the ease of fast money and its portability in the form of a credit card.
Many feel that Credit cards are susceptible to fraud. But I would like to emphasize that most of the fraudulent cases involve either stinking rich people or the lesser aware, reiterating my point that most of the people negatively affected by the credit cards are generally the negligent or the ignorant.
In the end, I would like to say that a credit card is more than a simple piece of plastic. It is a powerful flexible payment tool accepted at 30 million locations worldwide.

Paraj Mathur
Class 9
Birla High School

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Rikhia Bhattacharyya It's good.
pooh very impressive :)))))))
Pratik Very good
malaika its splendidly written it must win the best speech award(my thinking :) :D)

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