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Life of a Tree

I come from the seed;
That is often paid no heed
I grow from the waters of the rain
Awaited by the beautiful crane.

Upon me perch the coots;
With squirrels running around my roots,
The mongoose lives in my bark,
The old owl leaves by dark.

My leaves of green
Are often seen,
My fruits are pluck’d ,
And I myself cut.
For every creature depends on me,
But I not on them.

My trunk of big size
The timber they need,
They don’t realize
I grew from a tiny seed.

Here a beautiful plantation;
There the deadly deforestation.
Here a tree plant’d;
There the trees uproot’d.

The sharp edge of the axe frightens me
The raging skies horrify me,
When will the people realize,
Really valuable is their dear friend of this size.
For every creature depends on me,
But I not on them.

Products of wood for the greedy people,
An idyll scene for the young couple,
Bearing the heat of the sun,
Like a mother, caring for her son.

Chopp’d for human needs,
Exploit’d for their greedy deeds.
Like a soldier in the battle I am slain
Even then, I bear no complain.

The wheel of time goes round;
But your greediness has not come down.
Hearing the woodcutter’s sound,
Fearing, for about to be cut down.
Faithful like a servant,don’t you see,
Here I am a beautiful gem.
For every creature depends on me ,
But I not on them.

Sebin J Mathew,
Class 10
Bhavans Public School

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