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Save- Our Mother Nature

Itís green all around,
No man is to be found..
the blending of the green and blue is a tryst,
while the whole world is in the Lordís fist..

But there, a man, approaching is seen,
two more behind him look quite keen;
whatíll happen next is not known,
But the Nature doesnít wish to be forlorn..

Trees, rivers and beautiful lakes,
Gifts of Nature man gradually takes;
mindlessly he destroys and turns them fake..
Now it is believed that the world is at stake..

Manís speed increases and the world is humanized..
The life-span of Nature is drastically minimised;
Man only cares about himself and his selfish needs,
And to the loud cries of Nature he doesnít pay heed..

Oh! I beg please save our Mother!
Her life is as delicate as a feather..
She is our bearer, do not kill her,
Her death- from our life, will vanish all the colours...

Action is the next step man has to take,
Against his needs, a decision he has to make..
He must do it before time runs out, before itís too late,
or he himself will be responsible for his dreadful fate..

Man needs to change and give her a clue;
and return Mother Nature her life true..
Else Mother will heartlessly have to punish him,
and turn the bright lights of his life dim.

Bhavana Rajagopalan
Age 14
Bhavans Vidya Mandir, Civil Lines

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