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Birds by Sanyukta

There is a bird called the nightingale
Who sings beautifully all through the night,
It revives us from the deadliest,
The greatest fear and fright.

And of course there is the parrot,
Who can speak and say anything,
It can imitate a roaring train,
From a bullet from a gun to a small ping.

And ah yes! There is the peacock,
Who often shows his beautiful feathers,
And dances beautifully when it is,
The monsoons or the wet weather.

And have you seen the pigeon,
Who always chirps gutter-goo
Very fine though dully coloured,
Are its feathers too!

There is a bird called the cuckoo
Who is as black as pitch,
As dark as a crow’s feather,
Or like the hat of a witch!

And yes, there is the bulbul,
Who has a small fluff on his head,
Attracting people widely,
With loving hands sometimes it is fed.

How beautiful is the swan!
Who walks very gracefully,
Swims with grace, white as snow,
And never does a thing dully.

Sanyukta Dharmadhikari
BVM Civil Lines

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