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Akbar’s Doubt

One day Akbar asked his ministers, "What is the brightest thing in the world?"
All his ministers replied that milk was the brightest thing in the world. Only Birbal objected and said, "Light is the brightest."
"You will have to prove it to me!" said Akbar.
Birbal agreed.
That night when Akbar had gone to sleep, Birbal quietly entered his chamber and kept a jar of milk near the door.
It was still dark when Akbar woke up the next morning. As he went to open the door, he stumbled over the jar of milk.
Birbal was waiting outside with a smile on his face. "Huzoor, now do you agree that light is the brightest?" he said to the emperor. " If milk was the brightest, you should have seen it even though the chamber was dark!"
The emperor nodded in agreement. He was amused at the manner in which Birbal always proved his point.

Prerak Sheth

Words of Appreciation

nayana Good. This story has nice imagination
Pranav It was a good story, but I think you contributed it more better.

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