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Silver Moon

Silver Moon 

By:  Isabelle Frehner

Silver Moon, with mane so long,

Listen so carefully, to my song,

The light so strong, it proves to me,

That it was you, under this tree.

And where I stand, to hear your call,

This is me, underneath this shawl,

When I see your coat, it always gleamed,

It's just as silky as I've always dreamed, 

And now I am free, and full of hope,

As I once saw you, gallop down a slope

Yet this is now over, as I shall not ride,

Because of the memories, of you who have died,

And now that my song is near its end,

I shall not forget you, my beloved old friend,

This song of mine has a lovely tune,

So I for one, won't forget you,

Silver Moon

Words of Appreciation

Malyatha Shridharan It is a very nice poem!
Ramandeep Kaur Keep it up chubby girl. Let your pen be more strong with age.
Anonymous Man is that a great poem, perfect meter, goes with the beat, everything! One thing though "When I see your coat, it always gleamed," it starts with present tense and ends with past. Great poem otherwise, keep it up!
Santosh lol, that's cute…
Avani You are really chubby!!!:-} You go girl. Love you.
Dery I think it is horrible.
Saoji You are brilliant in writing poems in such a young age. Keep on writing poems in dimdima so that I can read them. And I think you can be a great poetess if you go on writing poems.
manisha Nice, very Nice
madhumitha Keep it up!

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