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A Farmer and his pots

Once there was a farmer who had two pots. One was in a good condition but the other one was with a hole. Whenever the farmer fetched water in the two pots the one with the hole would have less water in it. The pot became very sad. One day, the pot told the farmer that he had become useless for him as he was unable to bring full water. He told the farmer with much grief that he must retire him. The farmer consoled the pot by saying that whenever he fetched water from the river, the holed pot was actually spraying water on the plants on the way back. As a result of which, the plants were growing well and producing beautiful flowers. Thus the farmer told the pot not to worry as he was doing the best thing in the world.

Name: Upal Choudhury
Age: 4 years
School Name: B.G.S. International Public School, Sector - V, Dwarka.

Words of Appreciation

Namrata Fantastic story of your age.
Rajib Good one. Continue it. I am sure, You can write another good story.
B.SKANDHAVELAN Spectacular story
Prasenjit Mitra Keep up the good work.

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