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A Good and Bad Adventure of Ramesh

Once there lived two rich men, Rakesh and Ramesh. Rakesh was kind and loving but Ramesh was rude and arrogant. One day a poor farmer came to Ramesh's house and asked, "Oh rich man! Can you give me some money to buy manure for my crops? I have spent my rest of the money in buying seeds for my crops."Ramesh replied, "How dare you ask for money! I will not give you any money.Go away!" Hearing this, he went to Rakesh's house and asked the same thing. Rakesh kindly said,"You wait here.I will bring some money for you." Then he went inside and brought Rs. 500/- and gave it to the farmer.The farmer thanked him very much.Then the farmer went to Ramesh's house and told what had happened. After hearing what had happened he became kind and was always helping everyone. After a year, One day Ramesh set out camping on the countryside. His camp was 30 kilometers away from the farmer who was begging for money. While going to home he lost his way and saw the farmer's house and ran up there.He did not quite remember the farmer.The farmer welcomed Ramesh inside his house. Ramesh thanked the farmer for welcoming inside his house.He asked the farmer,"If I'm not mistaken I have seen you before.Right?"The farmer replied,"Yes!You are right.You remember you met an poor farmer who asked for money and you rudely spoke to him. I'm that farmer.Your neighbor Rakesh gave money to me."Then Ramesh replied,"I m very sorry for my act.Please forgive me.The farmer forgave him.The next day the farmer showed the way to Ramesh's house. Ramesh gave some money to farmer and left for his house.

Moral:If somebody does good to us we should also do good to him and if somebody does bad to us we should forget it like the farmer did.

S.Sharvesh Guru
Std-VI Div-B
Ryan International School,
Nerul, Navi Mumbai

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G Saravanakumar Dear Sharvesh, Very GOOD. Keep It up.

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