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Shipwrecks of the Casburo Islands

The Hibulae Blontorium Ship
…told through the perspective of Professor Harriet Phelsworth

I was particularly excited to sail on the Hibulae Blontorium Ship. One week over the Casburo Oceans would be a fantastic way to spend my time. The ship was enormous, and supported all the individuals who wanted to ride. However, I don’t think everyone would be accepted into the ship because of certain diseases and health problems.
Commander Jenson Harratibula started his health check. Since I was stationed to be first in line, he came and questioned me first. ‘Been on a ship before, Professor Phelsworth?’ He addressed me as professor because I typically was one at Ibis University.
‘Yes sir.’
‘Which ones?’ Harratibula asked.
‘The Medworth, Unison, and Hispatium.’
‘Have a relative or friend who has sailed on the Arium and supposedly got sick?’ The Arium was the ship that people got the most ill on.
‘Err…no, sir.’
‘Ever been involved in sickness transmission?’
‘Yes, sir. But not ship-wise.’
‘You may enter.’ he said, as he moved on to the next passenger. I was then aware of what the ship included and contained: a tea room, a telescope/space observation room, and other things that made the ship seem luxurious. I settled down in the tea room and ordered some fresh tea. It was $6.00, but I didn’t particularly mind.
‘Would you like the regular tea or the Casburo Islands Tea?’ the man (who was in charge of tea) asked, curiously.
‘Is there any difference with the quality?’
’Yes there is. The regular tea just has the regular ingredients, this and that. The Casburo Islands Tea has mint leaves and more sugar.’
‘Same price?’
‘$3.00 extra. This stuff doesn’t come easily.’
‘Alright, alright, I’ll take the special tea.’
I bought the tea and brought all my suitcases to my compartment. It was okay, and it had lots of décor. I left everything in my compartment closet and went out to explore. Turns out that there was much more than I expected, including an entertainment room with electronics and board games, a restaurant named Majestic Island, a relaxation room, and a main stage, with a backload of chairs settled in front of it. By this time, the ship had already departed. I glanced at the sign which read, Performance here at 6:00. Name: Shipwreck.
Just then, a man came and read the sign as well. ‘So, stranger, would you like to come see the performance tonight?’ I didn’t know this man, but I still answered.
‘Yes I would. Are you going to come see the performance too? I mean, would you like to?’
‘Well, I am excited, and yes I would, but I don’t think I will make it.’
‘Why not? I’m sure you don’t need to run errands on a ship like this!’
Just as the man was about to say something, a faint hissing halted what he was about to say. ‘Gotta go.’ the man said, worriedly. He started walking, switching in acceleration from a slow start to a fast finish. I shrugged and walked back to my compartment. I wondered why the man couldn’t make it, or why he couldn’t end his sentence, but that was in the past. I needed to focus on the future. I made my bed, hoping that I would finish by 5:30. After I set up my pillow, I glanced at my watch. 5:27. I still had time before the performance. The ship was greatly accelerating, and I felt it.
Even though the performance wouldn’t start for some time, I made my way to the stage room, where I saw the preparations for it. They were in the middle of analyzing the costumes when I arrived. There were no people on the chairs, so I went out. Surprisingly, I heard yet another hiss. I didn’t know what the source of the hiss was, and why it kept on coming. The man arrived again, and this time I was itching to ask him why he wouldn’t finish his sentence. His walking was unusually fast, so I decided to let him go. I couldn’t believe he didn’t recognize me. What a strange way to act.
By now it chimed 6:00, and the performance was ready. I went inside and the room increased greatly by the quantity of people. At about 6:15, the performance started. It was a play, so the narrator spoke first, and then the actors came in. The play filled me with emotion and potentially moved me. It had loads of realistic fiction by the topic of shipwrecks, and the quality/direction was fantastic. However, I think many people were spooked by the fact that we were on a ship, and the play highlighted eerie facts about SHIPWRECKS.
After the play, I had my dinner: pasta shells with mozzarella cheese, at Majestic Island. It was simply delicious. I headed back to my compartment at about 10:12 after dinner. Since my bed was ready, and I was exhausted, I went to sleep. The ship rolled on. It was 11:33 when the incident occurred. I jerked forward with great force and landed on the floor. What an impact! I ran outside my compartment, and heard Harratibula shouting orders and handing people life jackets.
‘What’s going on?’ I asked, worriedly.
‘Seems that the wind went out of control, and jerked the sail, forcing the ship to turn. We were accelerating too quickly, and hit a barrier island of the Casburo Waters, named Bracot Island. Many people felt the impact and jerked forward.’
‘Like me,’ I answered. I ran to the telescope room where I plainly saw the ship’s hull, which was collided with the island forcing a lot of damage. Harratibula ran into the room after I caught notice of the collision.
‘Are we sinking?’ I asked, horrified.
‘Yes we are, but only a very tiny bit. But, that can be a problem because it can always increase. Here, take this life jacket. We need to evacuate through Exit B.’
‘Why Exit B?’ I asked.
‘Well, that is the place where we have all our inflatable boats. We need to hitch it, rig the motor, and go home. We have excess packs of food too.’
Suddenly, a great burst of water emanated from the side door. I was shocked and my heart was beating rapidly by the second. ‘Uh oh!’ Harratibula exclaimed. ‘The ship’s sinking speed has increased!’ I peered down the Exit B staircase, which was filled with water and marine plants. Various components that made the ship attractable were ruined through the chaos.
‘Commander, how will we get down?’
‘Good question, Professor Phelsworth.’ Harratibula answered. ‘Let’s try to stay on the wall. We’ll get wet, but we don’t want the ship to be fully underwater without everyone off.’
Harratibula and I slowly moved through the wet and mucky staircase. I almost tripped, but Harratibula rescued me. We made it down in 3 minutes time and saw everyone in the ship next to an inflatable boat.
‘Get in, get in! Open the lifeboat gate!’ Harratibula shouted. Within a minute, another commander pulled the lever and the gateway to the waters opened. ‘PULL THE WIRE IN FRONT OF YOU!” Harratibula continued. Everyone did, and the boats whirred loudly in unison. ‘NOW, LISTEN CLOSELY! WHEN I SAY GO, YOU BRING DOWN THE LEVER BEHIND YOU! THE BOAT WILL BE IN THE WATERS, AND WE’LL ALL BE SAVED! READY…SET…GO!’
Everyone brought their levers down and the boats, one by one, went as fast as lightning into the waters. I went together with Harratibula, and saw the ship sink like a toy boat in a bucket. Suddenly, I remembered: I lost my precious belongings!
‘MY SUITCASES!’ I cried.
‘Don’t worry, professor, I’m sure we got all your things in one piece!’ Harratibula reassured.
‘How can you be so sure??’ I asked, sadly. Suddenly, another inflatable boat which was black and had a special sign on it arrived with lightning speed and stopped in front of our boat. I saw…the man I saw earlier that wouldn’t finish his sentence!
‘Is this yours, true friend?’ he asked, handing me my suitcases one by one.
‘Yes it is! Umm…who are you anyway?’ I asked, happy that I got my belongings back.
‘I am David Promferd, one of the members of the Danger Arms, one of the best ship protection societies in this entire area! I left rapidly when you heard those hisses because that meant the lifeboats were deflated, and it had to be inflated as soon as possible. It’s like I predicted the future with the sinking!’ he said, and we all laughed together.
‘What about the other people’s belongings?’
‘Oh, the rest of the crew is going to handle that.’ David replied. ‘We searched every inch of the ship to get the suitcases and bags, and deliver them to their rightful owners. But as for now, let’s get on the island, shall we?’
‘We shall!’ Harratibula exclaimed happily, and the boat went directly to the island. Once we got there, David phoned 911 and soon, helicopters came to rescue us. David explained what happened with the ship sinking to the pilots, who called directly for more helicopters, which arrived in no-time and took us ALL home. This was an adventure I truly would never forget.

Karan Menon
Grade 5
Shakerag Elementary School

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