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The Lightbeam

Bring me sunshine in a cup
With a pinch of carpe diem
A blowing breeze,a state of ease
And there you have the life beam.

The life beam is a source of power
All in white,for you to devour

World peace,say cheese
For right there lies the light beam.

Nothing in the world cant be cured
With the glowing power of the beam
But what it requires
Is a mind full of fires
And a good soul devoid of redeem.

The perfect prince can make a mince
Of the pain and torture existing
He appeals to the masses
Of all social classes
And brings glee to life,
That's oh so full of testing!

It is he,my dear
Who can cleanse and clear
The world,of all its sinful lies
He clashes and dashes and smashes and thrashes
Till the unjust no longer exists.

And the life beam
Yields itself to this soldier
And together they bring
This life back to order.
Mazel tov to the wondrous light beam!

The only problem in the happy story,
Is that the prince is nowhere to be found.
Is it you?Is it me?
Is it good ol' Daffy,
Who sleeps over here safe and sound?

My request to you misters:
Get used to the blisters
And bring out the prince in yourselves.
For the lightbeam must yield to one soul
And that one soul may very well be your own.

I end this little piece of art
By giving you a piece of my heart:
To be the prince that changes the world,
Be the change you want to see in the world.

Nandita V Nair
Class 10,
Bhavans Kodungallur,

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