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The Suicide

It was a pleasant morning. I was drinking hot coffee and just relaxing by listening to music. Marine - my assistant, was reading a magazine. It was about 10 a.m when the telephone rang. Marine received the call and she told me, “Sir, a lady wants to talk to you”. I went to the phone and said “ummm…. Yes, Lewis Cooper speaking”. The lady’s voice was not so clear, I felt that she was crying while talking. She said “Hello, I am Alina’s mother. I have called you up to tell you that you are invited to attend Alina’s funeral” and the call ended. I was shocked to listen to this news. Alina was my good friend. It was really a bad news. I ran towards my dressing room. I put on my Jacket, wore my shoes and went to the garage. I took out my car and went towards the church as fast as I could. I parked my car and ran inside. I went to Alina’s mother & asked her, How did Alina die?” Her mother replied, “she committed suicide!”
I asked, “Do you know why did she ever do that?” Her mother said that she did not have the slightest idea as she, her dad and her sister were out of the country. To that I thought in my mind that Alina was a sweet, kind and a happy girl. She did not have any enemy, she spoke very politely and everyone loved her .Then why she do so? I asked her mother if I could see Alina’s dead body. The dead body was inside the coffin. I opened it and saw Alina’s body very carefully. I saw a cut in the middle of the neck. It looked like that cut was done by a Knife. I asked her mom that, “how she got to know, that Alina had committed suicide?” She replied, “When we returned we saw her hanging from the fan!” After the funeral, I went to Alina’s home. I asked her mother to show me the room in which she found Alina hanging. Her room was amazing. It was very large and there were soft toys kept in her room. Her behavior was very childish. The light pink walls with purple curtains which really impressed me. There was a red coloured heart shaped clock hanging on the wall. There was a beautiful white cupboard and a big study table. There was a big painting on the wall which was painted by Alina herself. I was just watching the room when I noticed that the stool on which she stood to hang on the fan was too small for her. “I don’t think that she would be able to stand and hang on the fan with the help of that stool. But how she did it then?” I asked myself. Then I noticed some drops of blood on the stool’s edge.
I asked Alina’s mother, “Can I search the house please?” Her mother agreed. I started searching the house. I went to Mrs. Rose’s (Alina’s mother) room. At the entrance there was a door mat. I was feeling very thirsty. I asked Mrs. Rose to get me a glass of water. As she went I observed the room. Her room was just the same as Alina’s room. But the walls were painted sky blue and the bed was square in shape. At the corner of the bed there was a rectangular drawer, on which a beautiful flower vase was kept. Mrs. Rose brought me water. I sat down on the bed and kept one hand on the drawer. I felt something under my hand. I took that in my hand and saw a gold bangle. I asked her mom that maybe she had kept it outside and forgot to keep it back. When Mrs. Rose opened the locker to keep the bangle back, she screamed “No!!!!! Where has all my jewellery gone?” At the same time, I asked her to check out the locker in which money was kept. She ran and opened the locker and found it empty too. I asked her to calm down.
Alina’s mother in a great state of shock. I consoled her and told her, “Don’t worry I promise that I’ll find this person out!” That day I was quite tired, so I went back home. When I went back Marine asked me where was I for so many hours? I narrated the entire incident to her.
Next day, I and Marine both went to Mrs. Rose’s house. I was very sure by now that someone had killed Alina and she had not committed suicide. Alina’s father Mr. Oliver opened the door “Where is Mrs Rose?” I asked “She is very sick, neither drinking water nor eating food just lying on the bed like a dead body.”
Once again I was searching the house for evidences when I found some drops of blood on the duster and the washbasin “I was right”. I said to myself “Marine, come here, I found something”. It looked like somebody had washed the duster but the person did not notice the blood drops falling from it.
“Marine you search the house for some fingerprints or any other clues. I’m going out for some investigation” I said. “Ok sir” she replied.
I went to Alina’s neighborhood. I rang the doorbell and a lady came out.
“Yes” she said.
“I’m Lewis Cooper, the detective I want to ask you about Alina” I said.
“Of course”.
“Do you know who came to meet Alina when she was living alone?”
“Yes her friend and sometimes her uncle and aunt came to meet her”.
“Do you know who came last time to meet her?”
“Ummm….. No, I don’t know”.
“Ok, did you hear some noise of screaming?”
“No, actually both the friends were fond of music. They always listened to music in a very high volume.” “Well thanks for your help”.
“No problem”.
I went back to Alina’s home. “Did you find something?” I asked to Marine.
“Sir, I found this piece of cloth on the edge of the almirah’s in which all the money was kept.”
“Good” I said. I asked Mr. oliver that does he know which friend came to meet Alina? I think her best friend Maggie came here. I asked her address and went there with Marine. I knocked the door and a girl opened the door.
“Who are you?” she asked.
“Detective” Marine replied.
She asked, “Why have you here?” “You’ll get to know very soon”, Marine replied.
I left Marine there to search and I went back to Alina’s house. I had forgotten my mobile there. I went there and I asked Mrs. Oliver for my mobile and the address of Alina’s uncle & Aunt’s house. I went to Alina’s Aunt’s house. Their house was very small. There were no bells. So I knocked the door. A lady came out and said, “Oh, so your are the detective, come, come inside Olivers told me about you.”
It was a very small house and hence I doubted that may be they had stolen the money as they were poor. I asked them what did they do in Alina’s house? We were there to meet her talk to her just do remind her that she is not alone. “ Ok when was the last time you went there?” “This Sunday”.
I called up Marine and asked her to ask Maggie that on which day she went to meet Alina last time? After, few mintues “Sir, she is saying this Sunday” Marine said.
“Ask her at what time?”
“Did you find the cloth?” I asked.
“Yes Sir”, she replied. I ended the call. I asked Alina’s aunt at what time she went to meet Alina?
“It 9.00 in the morning” she replied.
I called up Marine once again. I asked her to bring Maggie at Mrs. Rose’s house. When we all went there I called Mr. Oliver and Mrs. Rose. “I have found the thief” I said “But sir how do you know that Maggie did all this?”
“As Maggie was Alina’s best friend, Alina might have told her that she would be living alone for few days and Maggie had noticed Alina’s aunt & uncle going to Alina’s home. So she decided to steal all the money and jewellery on the day before Alina’s parents were arriving. Whenever she came to meet Alina they both listened music. But on the day when Maggie started stealing all the jewellery and money Alina might have seen her and tried to stop her. They both were near the kitchen so Maggie decided to kill Alina. Maggie put the music very loud and killed Alina. Then to hide herself Maggie hanged Alina on the fan to pretend that she committed suicide. She put that stool that was in the kitchen . Then she saw that some drops of blood have fallen down so she cleaned it with the duster & when she was washing the duster, some drops of blood fallen down on the floor, but she didn’t notice it. The piece of the cloth which was stuck in the drawer was another clue. This was planned well but few mistakes made it, easy to find the culprit. “I’m sorry” Maggie said crying” “You should had thought it earlier” Marine said.
After sometime we handed Maggie to the police and took all the money and jewellery and gave to Mrs Rose & Mr. Oliver and went back home.

Srishti Pandey
Class 8
VVDAV Public School
New Delhi

Words of Appreciation

Anjana sharma Awesome story. Keep on writing. All the best.
srishti pandey Thank you very very much :)
Tanisha Srishti, you are awesome, Great, fantastic

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