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The Story of Oranges

It was the season of oranges in our village. One evening my father bought one bag full of oranges. My sister, little brother and I were overjoyed to see so many oranges. Father said, “All of you can eat!” “Hurrah!” we shouted. My sister Zymala set aside half of the oranges first, then we started to eat. My Papa was also eating. After about ten minutes, Papa asked, “Where is your brother Bisekso?” “Yes, where’s he gone?” Zymala echoed. As we were searching for brother, my mummy came from the field. “What’s going on?” Mummy asked angrily. Then my sister explained. Now mummy was in tears. She ran inside the room, took a torch and went straight towards the well. She looked inside the well, but brother was not there. Mummy scolded us. Papa took his bike and went to search. We sisters were worried. I went to open the almirah and there I saw my little brother sleeping inside.
I shouted, “Mummy, here is our brother! Sleeping inside the almirah!” My sister and mummy came running. When mummy saw she hugged him tightly. She took him and put him in the bed. Soon, father returned, tired and looking very worried. He asked anxiously, “What happened? Have you found him? I smiled and told him the story.
Father laughed aloud, “How foolish were we!”
We too laughed with him. From that day, we were always took care of our brother.

Ms. Kishalu Kri,
Class 7,
APNE Library reader,
Lohit dist.,
Arunachal Pradesh

Words of Appreciation

S. Mundayoor Dear Editor, Thank you very much for selecting Kishalu Kri's article in Dimdima. I shall share it with her when she comes to the library this week-end. We hope this will inspire more Arunachali children to write accounts of their life.

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