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Moon and his Moonlight

Vinay Ghimiray

Moon and his Moonlight

When Sun sets his work all day with shining bright

there appears a shadow, calm, compose moonlight.

with all his subjects shining bright

there appears Moon with all his light.

Beautiful in the sky, standing above in between

where it seems to Poets and Lovers

like it is diamond in the ring

Moon and his Moonlight, the ideal to lovers and their brides.

where envious lovers gaze at him

to see the power of love between him and his bride.

Moon and his Monnlight are equal in a way

where bodies can be two; but heart resides in one, proudly as to say...

Moon and his Moonlight, he and his bride

are the ultimate havenly pair...

Where only God has chosen be always in lovers limelight

Moon as I see as the king of night

And his bride as the queen of his sight

Are only example of true love.....Shining above bright..

Words of Appreciation

rinki superb.....

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