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Unity is Strength

An old farmer was worried about his four sons who always quarreled with each other. He wanted to teach them a lesson before he died. One day he collected some sticks from a nearby bush and called upon his sons. His sons came; the old man gave each of his sons a stick and asked them to break them. Each of his sons was able to break his stick with ease. Now the wise old man bonded four sticks together with a twine and gave it to his sons and asked them to break the bundle.

The first son tried and failed;
The second son tried and failed;
The third son tried and failed;
The fourth son also tried and failed.

The four sons murmured something to each other with a grim face.
The old man laughed to himself and thought it was time to tell them the moral.
Before he could open his mouth, the sons stopped murmuring and all the four laid their hands on the bundle and together broke the bundle of sticks.
The old man sighed, and said “Well, anyways, Unity is Strength”.


Words of Appreciation

anirudh Good!
Athithya Nice
mahe Moral of the story is conveyed well.
LEENA Fantastic.

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