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True love
Pen and Fan
Rainbows of the Sky- Butterflies
Sita Devi
Procrastination - The Mother of all Miseries
Dreams by Sriya
Screen Friends
You Have Killed Yourselves And Ourselves
Darkness Outside My Heart
The Rain Knocks On My Window
The 21st Century Breakdown
Monsoon by Akshay
Nature by Harshit
World of Darkness
Trees - Our Friends

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Childrens Day Message

Be bold and strong
be happy and fearless
be simple and humble
be kind and gentle
be friendly and generous
be useful and helpful
be obedient and cheerful
last but not least
be good - do good.

Bhavan's Public School,
Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad  

Words of Appreciation

poorna shivkumar Nice one but she should have extended it!!!
aashita Great poem
Aman Maan good poem amru
poonam dhungel nice and simple but a sweet poem.
amina These poems are good but it should be rhyming and funny.
hindu good poem

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