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About New Zealand

Teachers' Day
It was nice to see all your lovely works on the net during the teacher's day.
It was a great new experience. I could read here at New Zealand, all about you had written ,about your dear favourite teacher. Let me tell you, here at New Zealand, there's nothing as Teacher's Day. Here the teacher is called for example: Mrs. David, Mr. Huthinson, Mrs. Bloomfield & so on. Nobody calls "Miss" or "Teacher" as you kids say. These 2 little words have so much sweetness in them, that I just can't tell you. The kids in India have a deep love & respect for their Gurus. Here it's like a relationship or a contract.

Daylight Saving

On this 6th of October we have started something called as " Daylight Saving". This means we had to turn our clocks one hour ahead of the normal time. In normal timings we are 6.30 hours ahead of the Indian Standard Time. But because of this concept, we are now 7.30 hours ahead of your time. Isn't it an amazing concept? This concept is there in Australia too. So this Daylight Saving goes for 6 months of summer.
Again in winter we shift our clocks one hour behind, & we come back to the normal time. So now at 9 in the night we can see the sunlight. If you go to South Island in New Zealand, we can read a newspaper till 10 in the night, as there is sunshine at that time. This concept was started in 1928 somewhere about that time for half an hour & slowly it became one hour.

School Timings

Here school starts at the age of 5. Before that you go to a Kindergarten. School has 4 terms. School starts late January & early February. After 2 & a half months, school breaks for a fortnightly break. In December you get the long break as that's the end of the 4th term & also Christmas. There are 4 seasons & it rains throughout the year. I think kids, you all have read about the Mediterranean Regions. Now we have Spring till end of November & then it will be summer.

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