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Indians in NZ

Indians feel very much at home in New Zealand. This is all because of the environment around us.
The Indian newspaper in English ‘The Indian Tribune’- the free newspaper which comes on alternate Thursday & available in all Indian shops. It publishes all news connected with India, like political news, film industry updates, weather & so forth.
From Butter Chicken to Pav Bhaji, you get it all in the Indian Takeaway or Restaurants. When you think of masalas or salwar kameez, you can get all the different choices in Indian Shops which even stock Indian vegetables or puja articles. For the religious, you have Hindu Temples, Mosque or Gurudwaras. There are kirtans, bhajans or religious talks on all festive occasions. During Dassera you have the ‘Dandiya Ras’ for all the nine days. All the Indian festivals are celebrated at NZ. Even the Republic Day & Independence Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. These celebrations are held at Mahatma Gandhi centre in Auckland. The public or community libraries cater to all Indian communities. It is free & you can get books in all different languages. There are some English authors who have written books on our Indian culture, history, great leaders or our historical monuments. For those with a sweet tooth, do not fret, as you get them all at NZ. You have jalebi, laddu, barfi or any farsan in all leading Indian Sweet shops. In big supermarkets you find shelves which cater to all Indian flavour. You can get papad, pickle, atta or mango pulp. Radio Tarana is a Hindi radio station, which is available 24 hours. It broadcasts BBC news from all over the world, plus gives news about India & her neighbours. All the Hindi songs are played, plus it has other regional songs & bhajans too. On all festivals they have special broadcasting, whether it is Holi, Rakhi, Id or Sankrant. You can go to the Cinema hall & enjoy a Hindi movie or get the latest hindi video cassette or DVD on hire. When you talk about television, it has Mirchee TV which telecasts Indian programmes on Saturday & Sunday for some hours. They also show the Mahabharat serial on some weekdays. The fortnightly Hindi movie is telecast on Mirchee TV on Sunday afternoon at 2.30.

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