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1. Which of these states share a border with Nepal?
     Madhya Pradesh
     Jammu & Kashmir
     Himachal Pradesh

2. Patnitop and Banihal are places in
     Jammu & Kashmir
     Madhya Pradesh

3. What is Formula One Grand Prix?
     Cycle Race
     Car race
     Soccer tournament

4. How old is the Kaziranga National Park?  
      50 years
      100 years
     150 years
      75 years

5. How many years ago was Indiaís highest mountain the Kanchenjunga scaled for the first time?
     100 years
     50 years
     75 years
     10 years

6. Which of these is not true of Basant Panchami day?
     People fly kites
     Green is the festivalís colour
      It is the time when mustard fields are in bloom
     It is a spring festival

7. King Momo is associated with which festival?

8. Name the first satellite launched by India in 1975

9. Which City in India is famous for its lock manufacturing Industry?

10. Name India's first woman cricket coach.
     Sunita Sharma
     Sunita Verma
     Sunita Rana
       Sunita Pahana

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