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Village Leader and the Fallen Berries

In a village there was a farmer named Govind. He was the village leader.
Once the villagers arranged a discourse (katha) in the holy month of Sravan (Hindu people's religious month). People were working during the day and going to the discourse in the evening. A saint was giving the discourse.
One day the village leader Govind was going to his farm. He saw a fallen berry on the ground. He was tempted to eat the berry. He looked in the surroundings to see if anyone was watching him. There was no one nearby so he took the berry from the ground and ate.
In the evening he went to the discourse with other people. At the end of the discourse, someone asked the saint what discourse he will give tomorrow? The saint told that he will tell the story of Govind. The saint meant "Govind" means Lord Krishna (Lord Krishna's one name is Govind). The village leader Govind thought that the saint is talking about him! He thought that the saint must have seen him eating the fallen berry so he wants to tell this story to everyone!
So he decided to appease the saint. He went to him and gave him many fruits. He thought that now the saint will not tell his story to anyone. But again at the end of the discourse, someone asked the saint what discourse he will give tomorrow? The saint told that he will tell the story of Govind. The village leader Govind thought that the saint needs more gifts from him for not telling his story. So he gave him clothes.
This happened for few days. The saint was talking about Govind means Lord Krishna but the village leader Govind was thinking that the saint is threatening him to tell his story to everyone so he kept giving him fruits, clothes, money etc.
After some days the village leader Govind decided to end these threats from the saint. So at the end of the discourse, when the saint said that he will tell the story of Govind, the leader Govind started shouting at him.
He himself told his story to the villagers. He told that one day he had eaten the fallen berry and perhaps the saint had seen him. Since then the saint is daily threatening him to tell this to everyone by saying that he will tell the story of Govind. The villagers asked the saint about this. The saint told that he knew nothing about the leader and the fallen berry. By "Story of Govind", he meant the story of Lord Krishna!
The villagers laughed a lot at the leader Govind's foolishness.

Translated from Gujarati into English by Tushar Anjaria.

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