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The Three Princesses

A long time ago there lived three young girls in a tall castle with their mother. They were very fond of each other and played all day. Sometimes they helped the cooks in the kitchen or sometimes picked fruits from the orchard and sat and talked under the shade of their favorite oak tree on a hot summer's day. The eldest daughter was named Goldie for her beautiful locks of golden-blonde hair. The second was named Rosy for her soft pink cheeks and the third was named Olive for her olive green eyes. One day a royal messenger arrived at their doorstep and read out a letter. It said, 'I have decided to throw a ball for all the beautiful ladies in my kingdom to choose one as my bride. Please come to the palace on Wednesday. Prince Andrew.' And with that the messenger stepped back into his rather posh looking Rolls Royce and drove away.
The girls were very excited. They really wanted to go to the ball.
"Oh! This is going to be so exciting." said Rosy. "I really want to go to the ball."
"But wait. What shall we wear?" said Goldie suddenly. "I mean, we don't have any nice fine clothes for the ball."
"And neither do we have any jewellery." said Rosy. Olive kept quiet. She never minded about what people thought of her. Well days passed on and at last the day came when they were to go to the ball.
"Well I guess we cannot go to the ball after all." said Goldie with a sigh.
"Don't lose hope. I'm sure we can find a way." said Olive encouragingly seeing her sisters looking gloomy.
"I don't think so because we really don't have anything that we can wear to the ball at all." said Rosy.
"Well, lets just wear our best clothes." said Olive.
"Well our best clothes are not so nice either. We'll look so odd among the other ladies who would have come dressed like queens and we, like some poor girls." said Goldie.
"Oh! How I wish that we had fine silk dresses which would be as soft as feathers of peacocks and glamorous jewelleries which would shine like diamonds." said Rosy sadly.
There was a moment of silence and then suddenly the girls heard a strange sound coming from there chimney. Olive went to see what was up the chimney an just then three dwarfs came tumbling down. Each carried a box in which was a silk dress and fine jewelleries like diamond rings, pearl necklaces, emerald and jade earrings and bracelets made of coral and other wonderful things and also some shoes made of glass. The girls were simply dazzled by the sight and each one of them quickly got ready for the ball.
"But how shall we reach the ball?" said Rosy. "Our car has gone for repairing."
"Don't worry young girl. Look outside your window." said one dwarf.
Rosy went to look outside her window and she saw three coaches each attached with four milk white horses and two footmen at the back for service. The three girls hurried down. The first coach was for Goldie, the second for Rosy and the third for Olive.
As Olive was passing along the countryside she saw a boy sitting on a big rock and weeping miserably. She at once stopped the coach and walked up to the boy. "Why are you crying dear boy? said Olive kindly.
"Well, my name is William. I am a shepherd boy and I have lost my only flock of sheep. I dare not tell my farmer for he is very short tempered. I don't know what to do."
"Here, take this necklace." said Olive taking out the necklace from her neck. "It's worth more than a few sheep." She then went back to the coach and started for the ball. On her way she saw an old man walking weakly. He surely looked very tired. Olive felt pity for him and stopped the coach at once.
"Hello, I'm Olive. How can I help you? You look very tired." she said to the old man.
"Well I had gone to the city for work and I am on my way home. It is very far and I have to travel there by foot."
"Please take this coach. I am going to the palace and it is very near. I don't need this coach. Tell the coachman the way and he shall take you home." said Olive.
" May God bless you dear." said the old man.
When Olive reached the palace she was quite late. When the prince inquired why she had come late she told all that had happened.
The prince thought that Olive was not only beautiful but also kind. So the prince declared Olive as his bride and the other sisters were married to his brothers.

Contributed by:
Std V
Shirishti Vidyashram

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