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Shining In The Dark

Vikas was very happy that day. His unit test's result was declared and as usual, he stood first in his class. On reaching home he found a surprise waiting for him. Papa had brought him a very beautiful, larger than usual, kite from Rehman chacha, the best kite maker in the town. It was like a reward from his parents for his hard work.
Vikas loved flying kites, but during the tests, he indulged himself so deeply in his studies that his father promised him a gift of his choice. Vikas asked him for the most beautiful kite he had ever seen and here it was, ready to float high in the sky.
With his parents' permission, he ran outside to show his precious gift to all his friends. Everybody stared at it surprisingly. Wow! What a beauty!
It was a fine combination of shades and was decorated in such a way that it could be used as a wall hanging too. Rehman chacha's family was a kite maker for generations. Though there were many kite makers in the town, but Rehman chacha's imaginations were unbeatable. He was an expert of making bigger, grand kites. Even the string was special. It shone in the dark. If his customers desired, he could design such shine-in-the-dark kites too.
These were the reasons why Vikas felt proud to have such gift from his parents. All his friends were willing to fly it once. But somehow Vikas managed to make them understand that he was afraid that it might be cut before he could fly it, so he promised them that he would definitely let them fly it the next day.
It was getting dark. All the children had left the place one by one but Vikas was still there, enjoying his kite flying. He could not resist his desire to see how it looks shining high in the sky.
The kite was getting up, up and up, high in the air when he heard a sound just behind him. He turned immediately and saw a tall, dark figure of a stranger so close to him that he could even hear his breathing. His face was not clearly visible in the dark. Vikas cautiously looked around him. Nobody was there to be seen. Vikas felt a little scared, so he hurriedly started pulling down his kite. It was better for him to leave the place at once and rush home.
But before he could put his plan to action, something hard seemed piercing his back.
"Don't you dare to run or shout for help," The man was saying, "I have pointed a revolver on you and I won't think a minute before shooting you."
Vikas nodded helplessly. Though he was a brave boy and had just thought of cramping his teeth in kidnapper's hand and run, yet he dared not as he might be shot. How he wished somebody to come, but none came.
The kidnapper, finding him co-operative due to terror, lifted him up on his shoulders in such a way that if someone saw him, he would think that he was carrying his own child. Vikas still felt that hard object, now touching his stomach.
Vikas's mind was working very fast. He had to think something, but what? Suddenly he remembered his kite. He was still holding it along with the string, and at once an idea struck his mind.
Vikas stealthily let loose his kite. The kidnapper, fully content on the success of the kidnapping so silently, didn't bother to notice the flapping sound of the kite.
After walking a good distance, Vikas found himself near a ruined house at a deserted place.
Vikas understood at once that it was the place where his hostile had planned to keep him till his next action. So he dropped the remaining string, hoping the kidnapper not to notice it either.
Luckily, after locking Vikas in a small room of that house, the kidnapper left the place, warning him against any attempt of running away. He even didn't bother to give him something to eat.
Vikas quietly sat in a corner, with his face between his knees. He hoped very badly for his parents to start searching for him and to become aware of his special kite. While thinking all sorts of horrible things, he fell asleep.
Suddenly some strange noises of running feet wake him up. At first he couldn't recall where he was, but slowly he remembered everything. He rushed to the door of the room and tried to peep out through the cracks of the door. On seeing the policemen outside the house, he started yelling and banging loudly at the door. And lo! Somebody opened his door and standing there in front of him was his father.
"PAPA..." he cried and jumped on him. He felt very safe in his arms. On the way back home, papa told him that he had found his kite and while following its shining string, even in the moonless night, they reached the place where he was kept. Vikas was very shocked to know that not only he, but a number of children from nearby towns were kidnapped and locked up there and it was a gang of people who smuggled children for their organs.
After celebrating his safe arrival back home, Vikas astonished his parents by demanding another of Rehman chacha's kite, as his friends would be waiting for him to fulfill his promise. To his enormous surprise, his demand was accepted.
But this time, no shining-in-the-dark kite, as he promised his parents also, not to stay outside any late, and Vikas knows very well how to keep his promise.

Priyanka Gupta

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