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Rinku wasn't naughty. He was exasperating. He wouldn't brush his teeth, comb his hair and he kicked stones still the toes of his Shoes were aching and scuffed. The red Comb ,with pretty blue stripes, lay unused and had lost its confidence; for 2 days, since the old one was discarded, the new Tooth-Brush remained in its transparent sheath and was not permitted its birth-right of scrubbing teeth till they shone and enjoying the minty flavour of Toothpaste.
So one day the 3 rebelled.
It was a normal spring day - sunny and bright. Rinku's mother shook him awake, dragged him out of bed and left him in the bathroom , all bleary eyed. "Papa!" she whispered warningly. Papa had intervened, having concluded enough was enough. He had seen and heard enough of Rinku's laziness.He thrust the brand new Tooth-Brush into Rinku's hand after the boy had splashed his face with water.
But the peeved Tooth-Brush flattened its bristles and Rinku was forced to go through the motion of brushing his teeth, uncomplainingly, for the bristles would straighten out cunningly on being taken out of the mouth.
At the end of it Rinku's gums felt very sore and the teeth were far from clean. Rinku rinsed and put away the Tooth-Brush after examining it in surprise and rather fearfully.
Rinku dressed up quickly and picked up the Comb from the dressing-table. His hair was curly and he often left it uncombed even while the unlucky curls wept over their tangled fate. They longed for a silky combed out look with each strand curling softly and naturally - not in an untidy knotted mess.
Papa was standing guard with the vigilance of an eagle. Rinku picked up the comb half-heartedly and buried it into the curly mess."He needs a hair-cut," Papa muttered as he left the room briefly to answer the phone.
Rinku tugged at the Comb. However, the Comb was in no mood to comply. It clenched its teeth into a vicious grip and wouldn't budge. Rinku was desperate. There was a tug-o-war between Rinku and the Comb with each one pulling in opposite directions. Nervous about Papa coming back, Rinky picked up the Scissors and snipped off the hapless imprisoned curls. Rinku put his head under the tap to suppress the rest of the rebellious curls and plastered down his hair to give his head a smooth combed appearance. He hurriedly dropped the Comb into the drawer, after gazing at it in wonder.
"Hurry up!" Papa ordered from the other room and Rinku stuffed his feet into the Shoes, gulped down his milk, picked up his shool-bag and sneaked out before Papa caught a glimpse of his scuffed and unpolished Shoes.
"Bye Ma, bye Papa" he called out dutifully and was out of the house and gate, leaving it wide open, as usual.
But something was wrong. Puzzled, Rinku gazed down at his Shoes. They looked th same, but felt small and his toes were squashed and sore. The hardworked Shoes were sulking over their shabby appearance and didn't take kindly to kicking stones and football. The boy had to be taught a lesson!
Rinku limped to school, was late and naturally scolded. In the lunch-break he didn't play; he sat on the bench and looked down thoughtfully at his shoes. Really he had treated them quite badly. He had football shoes in the school- locker but was too lazy to change into them.
By 3 pm the Shoes had recovered their good humour. Rinku ran back but he didn't kick stones and cans lying on the way. Before going to bed he even polished his Shoes.
In the evening he got a hair-cut and took out his Comb to run it over his head, nervously. But the Comb had guaged the change in the boy and co-operated.
At night Rinku brushed his teeth without being told. Papa was surprised. The Toothbrush too was happy again and was soon swishing and foaming with its friend the Toothpaste.
Rinku had made 3 new loyal friends.

Deepa Shah

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