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Chimpu- The Jungle Detective
The Case of The Hidden Treasure

Once upon a time in the jungle of Nandanvan lived a clever and brave monkey called Chimpu. He helped all the inmates of the jungle at the time of trouble. Thus, fondly he was also known as the jungle detective.
It was late in the Friday night when, a messenger from Maharaja Shersingh, the king of Nandanvan informed Chimpu that Maharaja had called him to the palace at once. His father, the great king Shamshersingh was seriously ill and had summoned him to come and meet him.
Chimpu immediately left for the palace. "Father is gravely ill and is on his death bed. He has been asking to meet you since last couple of days" said Maharaja Shersingh. Chimpu greeted Raja Shamshersingh and inquired about his health. Shamshersingh could barely open his eyes and mumbled something. He indicated Chimpu to come near him and whispered in his ears. "It's a royal secret, keep it safe. Map- treasure- pillar" and those were his last words. Raja Shamshersingh was no more. Chimpu consoled Shersingh and slowly told him about his father's last words. "Maharaja Shersingh, it seems there is a royal treasure hidden somewhere which needs to be kept safe from the hands of robbers and dacoits, or you could lose the royal heritage". Shersingh asked Chimpu to unravel the mystery of hidden royal treasure and rescue it at once.
Next morning Chimpu went to the palace. He thought, "The link to the royal treasure must lie in the royal palace so I should start the hunt from the palace itself. Shamshersingh mentioned something about a map and a pillar. So I should look for a map or a pillar which could lead me to the map to reach the treasure". Chimpu went through the palace's corridors and checked all the pillars carefully. They all looked alike, except for the sixth pillar in Maharaja Shamshersingh's bedroom. The sixth pillar was a wooden structure, while others were made of stone. Also, the sixth pillar was carved with grooves while others had floral patterns all over. Chimpu carefully looked at the sixth pillar. He tapped the pillar and heard for sounds, the pillar seemed to be hollow within. Chimpu saw a concealed knob at the back of pillar. He pushed the knob and the hollow part of pillar gave away only to show a concealed compartment in the pillar. A scroll was carefully hidden in the compartment. Chimpu unrolled the scroll. It was a map of the royal treasure.
Chimpu took the map home and after he had his dinner he started studying the map. The map was pictorial as well as some portion of the map consisted of code language. The first part of the map said BBB and there was a drawing of blue colored trees next to it. Beneath the drawing a code was written 7L 2R 3L 7R. Chimpu thought a lot "Does BBB mean an address, a street address maybe? Or was it a short form of some larger message. What could 7L 2R mean? Did L mean a lane?" Looking carefully he realized BBB and the picture of blue trees probably meant Blue Berry Bush forest.
Next Chimpu tried to solve the puzzle about 7L 2R 3L and 7R. Blue berry bush forest was a dense jungle and Chimpu had never been there before. Chimpu was sure that the key to solve this puzzle would be in the BBB forest. When Chimpu entered the forest he realized that there were walking trails in the forest. Thinking rationally Chimpu got an idea that maybe L and R meant left and right turns along the walking trail! 7L could mean seventh left turn along the walking trail, similarly 2R would mean a second right. Following the code, Chimpu ended up in a clearing amidst the BBB forest. There was a small temple there in the middle of the forest. The next drawing in the map also indicated a temple. "So, I am following the right path", exclaimed Chimpu!
The code in the map read 13S with a key drawn next to it. "It probably indicates that a key is kept somewhere near this temple and to reach this key I would first have to figure out what this 13S means. Surely this key is for the royal treasure". He went inside the temple and looked around for any hints which signified the symbol 13S, but he couldn't find anything. He decided to go back home and think about it; after all it was getting dark now. As he walked down the steps of temple, he gathered that there were 13 steps leading to the temple. "Oh, that means 13S is nothing but 13th step of the temple and the key must lie near this 13th step"! Hurriedly Chimpu climbed to the 13th step and started looking at it cautiously. He tapped the 13th step and sensed that it had a hidden panel at one of the corners. "Wow!" exclaimed Chimpu as he found a beautiful diamond studded gold key beneath the 13th step, hidden inside the panel. "This is the key to the treasure", he said clutching the key in his hand. Chimpu hid the key in one of his pockets and hurried back home.
Next morning Chimpu went to the palace. Chimpu showed Shersingh the bejeweled key he found at the steps of temple. The last clue in the map was a crude drawing of royal throne. He went inside the royal courtroom to get a close look at the throne. He looked at every nook and corner of the throne but could not find any place where the key could fit. Suddenly he thought of looking under the throne. And indeed there was a keyhole under the royal throne. He put the key inside and as soon as he turned the lock the throne moved to reveal a chest buried underneath! It was a chest made of gold and studded with diamonds and rubies. Chimpu carried the chest to Maharaja Shersingh who opened it at once with the same bejeweled key. The chest was loaded with antique royal jewellery, diamonds and other precious stones!
Maharaja was very pleased and congratulated Chimpu for his hard work and cleverness. "I am proud of you Chimpu. You were very brave and without caring for your life you helped this kingdom and the royal family to find its treasure. I would like to reward you for this valor. This key will always be with you and be your key to success". Saying this Maharaja Shersingh presented Chimpu with the diamond studded key. Chimpu was glad and accepted the key. After all, he wanted to be successful in all the cases he had to solve that waited ahead for him!

Gayatri Gurjar

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