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Peacock's Gift to Krishna

Long time ago there lived a mystical child named Krishna in the Govardhan hills of Vrindavan village. Krishna was fond of playing flute. The sound of his flute was mesmerizing and charmed animals, birds and humans alike. People often lost themselves in the sound of flute.
One day, when Krishna was playing his flute the peacocks of the jungle came around him and danced. It rained as they danced on whimsical sound of Krishna's flute. After a long time when the sun was about to set they stopped and the peacock offered its feather to Lord Krishna with great humility and respect. Henceforth, the peacock's feather came to be known as Krishna's Mayur Pankh (meaning Krishna's Peacock Feather). It is called Sikhipincham in Sanskrit.
The Krishna's peacock feather points in direction of Krishna's beloved Radha. It has been accounted that Krishna cleaned Radha's feet with this feather when they played together.
The peacock's feather has a thousand eyes. These feathers have barbules on either sides due to which they shine.

Priyanka Kawatra Arora

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