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The Man Who Loved Bread

A man eating in a restaurant called the waiter and complained that he had been given only one loaf with his meat dish.
"I like lots of bread," said the man. "Remember that next time."
The next time he came the waiter served him three loaves. "This is better than the last time," said the man. "But I would have liked more bread."
The next time he came the waiter served him five loaves but sill the man seemed unhappy. Later the waiter told the cook about the man. The cook said he would see to it that the man was fully satisfied the next time he came.
Two days later the man came again. The waiter alerted the cook who alerted the bakery with whom he had placed an order for a loaf 2ft wide, 3ft thick and 6ft long. The bakery delivered the loaf to the restaurant, and the cook and the waiter triumphantly carried the loaf to the customer. The customer stared at the loaf in disbelief.
"This is the last time I'm coming here!" he announced getting up angrily from his chair and throwing his napkin on the table. "I keep telling you I want more bread and here you are once again serving me just one loaf!"

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