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The Jat's Present

A Jat had grown a huge watermelon in his garden. It was the biggest watermelon anybody had ever seen and the Jat was very proud of it.
One day the king of the country who was touring the country in disguise, arrived there and was fascinated by the watermelon.
"Will you give it to me?" he asked the Jat.
"No," said the man.
"Will you sell it to me?" asked the ruler.
"No," said the Jat.
"Then what are you going to do with it?" asked the king.
"I plan to take it to the palace and give it to the king," he said.
"I see," said the king. "But suppose he refuses to accept it?"
"Then he can go to the devil!" snorted the Jat.
A few days later the Jat came to the palace with the watermelon.
He at once recognised the king but gave no sign that he had done so.
"I've brought you a melon, Your Majesty," he said, humbly.
"It's a marvel," said the king. "But suppose I refuse to accept it?"
"Then,sire," said the Jat, timidly,"you already know my answer."

A folktale from Haryana

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