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Totally Useful Youth

There was a youth who was always keen on helping others. One day he was strolling near a lonely hut. He saw an elderly man in front of the hut. To the youth, he seemed like a learned sage. He asked the latter, "Guruji, I want to be good to all. What can I do?" The Guru went into his humble hut. He came out with an elegant casket, which was latched.
He handed it over to the youth and said, "Take this home carefully and open it. Then, you'll know what to do. But never open it on the way." The youth thanked the Guru and carried the casket away. But, on the way he wondered what could be there inside.
He could not suppress his curiosity. He opened it without paying heed to the words of Guruji. As soon as it was opened the youth himself, was turned into a strange tall plant. Nay, now he had become a coconut tree with leaves and nuts at an unreachable height.
Of course, today we all are familiar with this most useful tree!

A folk tale of Malaysia

Contributed by:
D.V. Mohana Prakash
67, Gokula Raste,
2nd Block
Mysore - 570012

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