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1. Name the metropolis which is famous for a clock tower, which has 24 statues of men wearing traditional costumes of western India to represent 24 hours of the day.
     The Rajabai Clock Tower of Mumbai
     The Jantar Mantar in Delhi
     The Victoria Memorial, Calcutta
     University Building, Pune

2. In olden days, certain sari weavers of Madhya Pradesh grew long nails and made slits in them so that they could spin fine threads to make saris. What are these saris called?

3. Before the salwar kameez became popular in Tamil Nadu, young Tamilian girls wore the traditional three piece attire. What was this called?
     Churidar kurta
     Pavadai Thavani
     Chaniya choli

4. The “thunchen” is a musical instrument made of copper and silver. It is so long and heavy that it needs to be supported at one end by a person or on a special wooden stand. Who plays this instrument?
     The Lamas of Ladakh, Bhutan and Tibet
     The folk singers of Bengal
     The wandering minstrels of Nepal
     The baisakhi dancers from Punjab

5. Who introduced cashewnuts into India?

6. Who laid out the first Mughal garden in India? What was it called?
     Jahangir – Shalimar Bagh (Srinagar)
     Akbar – Nishat Bagh (Lahore)
     Babur – Ram Bagh ( Agra)
     Shah Jahan – Mumtaz Bagh (Agra)

7. Which Indian President participated in the Irish Freedom Struggle and even served a jail term for it?
     Dr S Radhakrishnan
     V V Giri
     Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
     Gulzarilal Nanda

8. The 90 feet tall granary, called Golghar, was built in Patna, after a terrible famine. Who ordered its construction?
     Robert Clive
     Arthur Wellesley
     Warren Hastings
     Marquis of Dalhousie

9. Where is the monastery known as Hempis Gompa?

10. Which Indian river is also known as Tsangpo or Dihang?

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