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Nobel Prize Quiz

Can you answer this quiz based on the Nobel Prizes?

1. What did Alfred Nobel, the Swedish businessman and philanthropist who instituted the prizes, invent?.


2. Name the six categories for which the prizes are awarded.
      Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine,  Literature, Peace and Economics.
      Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine,  Mathematics, Literature and Peace.

3. For which category was a Nobel Prize given starting 1969?

4. Who is the only woman to win a Nobel Prize in two categories?
      Dorothy Hodgkin
      Marie Curie.

5. Name the British physicist who received a Prize in chemistry.
      Ernest Rutherford.
      Edward Appleton.

6. Who awards the Peace Prize?
      The Swedish Academy of Sciences.
      The Norwegian Nobel Committee.

7. When are the awards presented?
      On October 8.
      On December 10.

8. What are the awardees given?
      A medal, a diploma and a cash prize.
      A medal and a cash prize.

9. Who are the only two people to have been given the Nobel Prizes posthumously?
      Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King
      Dag Hammarskoljd, Martin Luther King and Erik Karlfeldt.

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