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Mother Teresa

How much do you know about this great personality.

1. What was her original name?
      Mary Magdalene
Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu

2. Name the country of her birth.

3. When was she born?

      August 27, 1910
      September 3, 1913

4. In which school in Kolkata did she teach for many years?

      Loreto Convent
      La Martiniere

5. Name the religious order she founded.

      Sisters of The Poor
      Missionaries of Charity

6.  Which was the first home she started?
     Nirmal Hriday, Home for the Dying and the Destitute
      Asha Daan

7. In which year did she become an Indian citizen?


8. In which year did she win the Nobel Prize for Peace?

9. Who succeeded her as the head of the Order?

      Sister Nirmala
      Sister Catherine

10. She was often known as the 'Saint of the _____'.


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