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A 9v cell and the connector
A Buzzer or a Small speaker.
A small switch.
A copper wire of 20 cm long.
A thin wire of 30 cm long.
A straw.
A plastic or paper box (Even a card board will do)


In one of the episodes, Mr. Bean goes to a fête where there are a lot of indoor games to play.
One of the items was The Wire Loop Game.
A young boy was trying his hand on it.
Mr. Bean jogs the young boy, causing him to lose the game.
He then plays the game himself, but after failing on the first attempt, he cheats by unplugging. Then he moves the loop from one end to the other without making any beep sound.
You can create the same game at home easily. Here is how to make one.

Prepare The Base
* Take the 30 cm long wire. Remove the insulation from both ends and create a small loop at one end. Insert a piece of straw, as a handle. Make a hole on the box and push the other end of the wire through it.
* Make two holes on the box on the left and right side.
* Take the copper wire of 20 cm long. Remove the insulation, bend it into a 'U or “S” shape or any other shape you want.
* Push it through the loop, insert two small straw pieces at both the ends and fix the wire into the two holes on the left and
right side the box. Bend the edges to fit it firmly on the box.
* Fix the speaker or the booster on the top of the box. Push the speaker wires through the box by making a hole.
* Fix the switch on the box so that the two connecting points at the back of the switch will be inside the box.

The Connection
*Fix the 9v cell at the bottom of the box with a tape.
*Make the connection as shown in the diagram.
*You can solder the wires with the help of an adult or just twist the edges firmly to join the wires.
* Once everything is completed, connect the battery connector to the cell.
* Push the switch on and you can hear a beep sound when the loop touches the copper wire.

The Challenge
Try to move the loop from one end to the other end without touching the copper wire .
Note: Buzzer - You can get it from any old motherboard or get a small speaker from any broken electronic toy. Buzzer is also available in the Electronic Shops.

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