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Instructions:  Click the mouse where you want to insert the letter. Remember the letter in blue indicates a correct answer, while the letter in red indicates a wrong answer
 Clues :  
Across Down
  A5 It is the hot season
B1 Opposite of uncle
C6 Opposite of begin
D1 Very big or heavy
E8 Past tense of light
F1 A vehicle with cabins
G9 Opposite of down
H3 Opposite of question
J1 Birds build a…..
J6 We sleep at ….


A1 An animal with a bushy tail
A6 We….. a pen to write
A8 Do not ……in others affairs
A10 It is a type of cooking
D3 Capital of Tibet.
D5 Currency of Japan
G10 Don’t …..er me.
H1 The……keeper was rude.
H4 We use a ….. to catch fish
H6 Present tense of won.

Contibuted by S Prartana, 4th B,Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, R S Puram Coimbatore-2

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