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Once a passenger plane broke a wing of it. The engine caught fire which killed the pilot, co-pilot & the radio operater.
There were only 4 parachutes and 5 passengers. The passengers were - an engineer, a doctor, a sardarji, a 75 year old man & a student.
engineer : let me face death. you all use the parachutes.
other passengers: no. never ! you are the one who will operate this machine when landed.
so, the engineer used 1 parachute.
The doctor said the same like the engineer. But all the others disagreed as he was the one who could help the people who would not land safely.so, 1 more parachute was used.
sardarji: Let me go,please. I have innocent children who do not want to become orphans.
so, he left the old man & the student.
old man (emotions):oh! let me die! I'm old. My dear,you have your whole life to spend.
student: Thers no problem grandpa, we both can live! Its the sardarji who died when he mistook my school bag as a parachute and left.

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