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Once a patient (a wellknown miser )went to his doctor to tell him that he had a pain in his tooth.
The doctor examined him & found out which tooth was paining and said that he will have to remove it out .when the doctor said it would cost Rs.10 the patient was shocked as he was a great miser.however he agreed.after the tooth was pulled out the patient again complained of a pain in a tooth. both he and the doctor dicovered that they had pulled out the wrong tooth.the doctor again had to pull out a tooth but the one which was originally paining.the patient paid the dentist Rs.10 & went away.when he narrated this incident to his friend the friend naturally asked that why did he not come to know that the doctor was pulling the wrong tooth at first? The miser replied he did it purposefully so that he got two tooths pulled out at the cost of pulling one tooth i.e. Rs.10!!!!!!!

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