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Interviewer: What is your name?

Interviewee: M.P., Sir.

Interviewer: Tell me properly.

Interviewee: Mohan Pal, Sir.

Interviewer: Your father's name?

Interviewee: M.P., Sir.

Interviewer: What dose that mean?

Interviewee: Manmohan Pal, Sir.

Interviewer: Your native place?

Interviewee: M.P., Sir.

Interviewer: Madhya Pradesh?

Interviewee: Yes, Sir.

Interviewer: What is your qualification?

Interviewee: M.P., Sir.

Interviewer (Angrily): What is it?

Interviewee: Matric Pass.

Interviewer: Why do you need a job?

Interviewee: M.P., Sir.

Interviewer: And what dose that mean?

Interviewee: Money problem, Sir.

Interviewer: Describe your personality.

Interviewee: M.P., Sir.

Interviewer: Explain yourself clearly.

Interviewee: Magnanimous personality, Sir.

Interviewer: This discussion is now over. You may go now.

Interviewee: M.P., Sir ?

Interviewer: What is it now?

Interviewee: My performance, Sir?

Interviewer: M.P.!!!

Interviewee: What is that, Sir ?

Interviewer: Mentally punctured !

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