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Role of Indian films in shaping the society
Hello! This is Menaka. Nowadays films are playing a vital role in shaping the society. People get widely influenced by films. Films have become very important in every person's life. I feel that films play key role in today's society.
Started on  22-Sep-2006  By  Menaka Kamath K   E-mail :

By films, students are very disturbed particularly they are affected by love stories. Nowadays merely to get money, producers are releasing pictures.


In my perception films by no means play key roles in today's society. Well the old films were great but today's films instead of teaching the society give a very bad show.


According to me, sometimes film affect the people in a good way & sometimes it spreads the bad message to society. It depends on the people, what they are acquiring from the films. I think we should see the movies only for entertainment.


Role of film in shaping a society is something which is very difficult to judge. Although films has very wide reach and some people do try to follow some beliefs presented in the films, the overall impact of films is still far from being a reality. Nowadays people do not get influenced in masses, blindly by ideas presented in films or other media around. This process is good as films now doesn't have themes which society must follow and the time this media becomes sensible enough nobody will ever bother to imitate the ideas.


Yes. I do believe that movies play a vital role in shaping the society. All the things have their merits and demerits. Hindi films have played a significant role in the growth of hindi language. People from different countries and different localities have learnt hindi only through movies. So cheers to bollywod.


I think films are the worst things from which children can learn all the bad things. If its a moral based film then it is good to learn something morals rather than learning bad things. I think your opinion is not so good. Some children imitate the characters they see in the films.


I certainly agree that films play a vital role in shaping the society and influencing its people. A film is an art, formed by recording pictures from across the world or by creating images, animation, and presenting in the form of a motion picture. It is a popular source of entertainment and education. Since the time of its inception, the film industry has gone through various stages of development. Starting from pure visual art, silent movie, to becoming a narrative structure by stringing scenes together, the film industry has improved manifold. They have evolved with the psyche of the society and evolved the psyche of the society. If we look into the Bollywood Industry, we would see that during 1930s and 1940s, when the country was fighting for independence, many film makers tried to reproduce the same feeling in the films. Films like Mother India, Poorab aur Pashchim, Shatranj ke Khiladi, Rani Lakshmibai, Jhansi ki Rani, all depict the revolutionary mind set of the society. They influenced the people to fight against the oppression rule of the Britishers and gain independance. Such films depicted the mindset of the people and also motivated them towards the desired end, Independence. Now the Industry, as always, is deriving/ making people aware of the social hurdles a common man faces. Films like A Wednesday, Khuda Ke Liye and Amir, strike a cord in our hearts. Films like Rang De Basanti and Chak de, motivated the youth to bring about a change in the governance and the depriving condition of our country and sport. It is true that all films do not carry a message. Many are made for entertainment purpose, but every story has a moral, and we should try to grab that. India is known across the world for its Bollywood Industry. We, through joint ventures with Hollywood artists, are making exceptionally good films like Slumdog Millionaires, which have the capability of leaving a mark on the minds of the viewers world over. Such films leave a positive impact, which makes us hopeful and incited for a bright future. Three cheers to Bollywood..!!!! Hip Hip Hurray.


Films do certainly play a vital role in shaping up the society, and no they are not a distraction for children from their studies. Actually films play a very important role on the mindset of a person. It depends on which films the child watches.

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