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Does Science have an answer for life after death??
What do you think about this?? Is there life after death or not?? There are many answers but what is your opinion??
Started on  22-Jun-2008  By  Chimmu   E-mail :

Ofcourse there will be another life after death when every body will be judged by our god. There are lots of poor people that cant regain their rights from other unjust people. So our god will be with them to help them. Our god will award you according to your deeds that you did. Paradise or Hell. So there is a hereafter and judgement day.


I think ,after death our body gets cremated but the soul remains as it is and takes a new envelope just as changing clothes.




I dont think we have a life after the death. If somebody is saying yes, do they have any proof for that.


Yes, there would be life after death in which we will be judged by Allah Almighty and the one who did good deeds in this world will go to Heaven and the one who did bad deeds will be put in the blazing fire of Hell.


Yes there is Life after death because science has discovered that when any living thing dies there is a cell in a body which does not die even if you put in fire and from that only human is formed and i have E.g that A plant seed is dead it is not living thing but when you put in mud and put water it will become in Living form.




There is the physical universe and there is the universe of consciousness. Science and its various divisions deal with them. Is there a commonality of these two universes? There is an indication of an affirmative answer in Mani Bhowmik's book "Code Name God" where he shows that the buiding block of both these universes ultimately is energy. It could be that just as our bodies (when buried) retain an identity until over time decay makes it merge totally with the physical universe (earth), our minds after death retain their identity and over time merge into the universal consiousness.


I do not believe in the existence of soul. There are many people who are killed in road accidents or murdered by treacherous people. The slain person's family undergoes all the hardships of life and the murderer prospers. If there is soul there must also be GOD. Then why do the souls not teach lessons to the criminals and why dont they stop tragedies. And if there are souls then as population is increasing where do the new come from and where do the wandering souls fit?




Books are our best friends.They are like a magic as they change enemies into friends.


I dont know but I really wanted to know because I lost my brother in a road accident and I desperately want to know where he is? What he is doing? Does he watch us? What has happened to him after death? All these questions come to my mind and make me crazy and I have no answer for any of them. I want to talk to him, can we contact a persona after death? Do spirits exist?

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