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science gives us power but no wisdom
science is a study of vast knowledge. It has given us many improved and important technologies that are benefitting our lives. It has modernised our lifestyles and made us lazy. But how can we forget the nuclear power that is now a days is used for killing innocent people. Most of the scientific power is used without wisdom.
Started on  26-May-2008  By  priya   E-mail :

Science has given us useful technologies which gives us comfort at home, office, factory etc. It keeps us away from superstitios.




Science is the knowledge or the effort to discover and improve the human understanding of how the physical world works. It looks at improving the surrounding environment for the human being, in order to make our planet a better place to live in. I being a Science student, would not agree with the statement that Science gives power but no wisdom. Any field of study if misused, can leave a disasterous effect on oneself and the people around. Science is an area of immense knowledge and depth. It gives the power to think logically and rationally. Today with the development of the advanced modes of transportation, like cars, airplanes and ships, distances have been reduced. A common man travels across borders to study or earn a living. Distances are no longer a concern. Today because of science we have computers and internet, which keeps us updated with the latest issues and allows a common man to share his/her views with the world. We can voice our opinions about a government policy or procedure and get that altered e.g people wish to alter the education system which has been prevailing in India since a very long time. People believe that it is impractical and does not help an individual to earn a living. Science has made us aware of the value of time, and it has also expanded our horizons. An individual dreams of achieving big and does not want to waste any minute, so, for that we have utensils at home and work which quicken our daily chores. Ofcourse, these have only been possible because of a genuine usage of Science. Scientists like Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Leuis Pasteur, to name a few, have worked towards the growth of the society. They have left gifts for the coming generations to use. They had the POWER to bring about a change and they had the WISDOM of using this power in the right direction, i.e. towards human betterment. It is true that if this power is used incorrectly it can have disasterous consequences. When the Nuclear technology was discovered, the sole aim of introducing it was for heating water and generating power and electricity. Its use in killing people was never thought of. It is now, that the countries are fighting amongst themselves to gain supremacy over its counterparts, so each aims at showcasing their power. This is the area where Science is being abused and we would prevent it rather than make blatant statements that the field only gives power and no wisdom.

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