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Shortage of Power Supply
Friends our per capita consumption of power is very less as compared to developed countries. It is even less compared to China whose population is very large. The government encourages private companies but due to theft of power they are are not willing to participate.
Started on  13-Jul-2006  By  Shashank Khokher   E-mail :

Yes!you are right.


This I think is a very serious issue to talk on, and the government should really be questioned about this because If you see it is so bad that in some places in the north are suffering from this problem for years!! I ask how can people keep quiet! Everybody has equal rights on power, atleast when they are paying such a heavy amount.


Good question posed by Shashank. There is not a single day without this problem. Actually the politicians in the power are only thinking to keep up their 'power' and not the exact power problem. As Shreya said this is a serious issue which is seriously neglected. The question is who will bell the cat i.e., all our agitations are only on the papers and not in action.

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