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Freedom For Animals
We must always give freedom to animals and not be mean to them . We must love them and if ever we see someone hiting them or making them go through a lot of agony we must try to prevent it . Let us try to think of ways to help animals and we will be saving their lives.
Started on  15-Aug-2003  By  gayatrikunte   E-mail :

You are absolutely right. Pets, in particular, and animals, in general, are necessary to be protected. Because they play a very important role in our life, our environment and even our thought. We Vietnamese have a saying that : You are dog- that means insulting someone we hate. But sometimes man is not as good as a dog. We should try best to protect the animals for a brighter life.


Hurting animals is a crime. Animals are lovely and if you hurt them you will go to hell!!! Animals are defenseless against humans because we might kill them. If a shark kills a man we go out with our guns etc and shoot it. If a car crashes into a truck and the truckie dies we don't go and hunt down the truckie. Why should we treat animals any differently? Yeah we can't understand them but hey that's all the more reason to HELP them!


No. I feel that caring for animals is right but that doesn't mean that you give them freedom. Very often we see street dogs fight and they also dirty the place they live in. If it was tamed or if it was someone's pet, would it behave in the same way. It is similar in the case of other animals too.


yes it is very true that we should give freedom to animals. just imagine that you are an animal and you are caged. How would you feel?????


oh, I Like the animals very much.


I feel animals deserve the same treatment as we give to humans. Just because they can't speak we cannot rule over them. I feel we shouldn't trap animals in the zoo for display because animals have the right to be free. It is wrong that we do so for our enjoyment without keeping in mind how they feel inside all alone and trapped for life. Just imagine if you were also trapped the same way. Every living being has the right to be free. Loving the animals and giving them enough food is not going to give them freedom. So free the animals and let them live in their own habitats. I believe so and that's why i don't keep pets at my house.

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