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Save The Tiger
What should be done to stop the tiger becoming extinct? You all may be knowing that the Tiger- India's national animal is now in danger. I feel that now we all must open our eyes and try to stop this by saving natural sources like water, air etc. Now we all must take an resolution that we will see to it that we save the Tiger-An Endangered Animal. Do you all agree with me? What are your suggestions?
Started on  1-Mar-2003  By  varalaxmi   E-mail :

To stop the tiger becoming extinct we should punish the people who try and kill the tiger.


There is already a team working to stop the people from killing the magnificient, black striped tiger. I think we should be helping them by participating in their activities.


I think we should punish the people who try to kill the tigers or harm them in any way.


I would like to mention the name of the group - 'KIDS FOR TIGERS'


I think that the people who try to harm the great tigers should be hanged till death and buying of goods made of the tiger in any way should be stopped as the tiger is India's national animal


I think everybody should agree to stop killing tigers. There is no need to kill tigers as they are something people need to have in the world and whoever doesn't agree should be severely punished.


Tigers have lost trust in people. Just because of actions of hunters tigers now see mankind as ungrateful killers. We are animals like them so if they are shot should not the hunter be shot?


I would like to say that, nowdays man is killing many animals even the tiger. People should realise that animals are living things and should possess the right to live. So, why don't we go and complain so we can save animals, even the tiger.


This debate shouldn't be happening at all, we should know we shouldn't hurt animals, we should help them! Anyone who hurts them should be hurt in the same way.


There should be a donation or charity where money can go to rebel against those mean people who hurt animals and I know loads of money would go into it, if so that money should go to the animals to protect them and their homes. That would be smart. We can't always just think about these things, or pity animals, we have to get out there and help them!


I think that the tigers have a right to live so if every one is educated about that then we can all join forces and help save the tiger and many other animals.


I think the people who touch our tigers should suffer a slow death like they do. A lot of time they are caught in the traps well we should shove those traps on their heads


no animal should be put through pain we should stop the damn hunters and chop their heads off and sell them then they can see what it's like and their families can suffer just like the tigers family suffered.


Put the poachers to death hardcore style


I am researching tigers and I need to know why we need to save tigers! I know they are important but what do they do for us?


Please help them stop killing the tigers.


If I ever met a hunter I would pop his eyes out


I agree with the fact that we should save the tiger and we have to start a peoples movement to save the tiger. But please give me a good reason as to why should we save the tiger.


We must really punish severely the people who do poaching and hunting of tigers.


I am not tiger expert but I am researching tiger & I am keenly enthusiast about save the tiger. In our earth a fabulous animal calling to save him. So please please please protect the valuable animal before making endangered species. Stop killing and poaching.


I also think that the people that are killing these tigers should be punished. Maybe arrest them and put them in jail. I know that some tigers are caught and people train the tigers to put them into the circus.


I'm currently at work researching for new ideas and information for our website, and came across your page through a Google search. I definitely agree with the fact that people should be punished for the filthy act of killing tigers. I work for a company that sells tiger decor and chocolates.


Siberian tigers are the best thing on earth, I love them very much.


I don't understand why we should care... I mean they are cute and all but what do they do???


To save these big cats we have to check the dangerous threats to tigers like habitat destruction, poaching and especially human-tiger clash.


Every living thing has the right to live in this world. So do the tigers. I request the human beings not to treat them cruelly. Tiger liberation can be done from all forms of human oppression. Let us all join hands against tiger cruelty.


Hey what do you do? Are u doing anything constructive for the nation? Atleast the tiger is our national animal and it increases the cultural heritage of our country. Itís not just cute.


I hate people who hate tigers. I hate people who love tigers for their skin so that they can make coats.


STOP KILLING TIGERS! what is the point? what do we gain from it? They need to be stopped and soon becuase if we do not act quick enough then we might lose them for good, there are only 5,000 left in the wild and that is not many! There needs to be a campaign now, it is now or never. The goverment needs to realise that we as the public want this stopping for good! If poachers want to kill the tigers then maybe they should realise what it is to get killed, show that they are going to to get stopped to the point of death. If they kill the tigers by trapping and starving then we do exactly the same, if they shoot them then we shoot them whatever it take it must be done, they need to know we are serious. Lets stop this awful thing and sort it out quickly, we have left it far to long, now is the right time to act, we don't want to lose a beautiful species! SAVE THE TIGERS dont be heartless, they need to be saved, because they cannot save themselves, if you dont want to save this endangered specie then leave it to the people with hearts and who do really care! come on people lets make this happen lets Save The Tiger woo hoo!


I think we should save them because they are so pretty they need to live so my little cousin and people younger than can live to see them. We don't want to see them in our history books as extinct!


Hi! I'm sarah and I'm doing siberain tigers and I know how you feel because even I feel the same. I also found out why we need tigers. If you get this message then say hi and i'll give it to you.


I disagree with all of u.


HI! I'm Sabrina and I think poachers should be taught a lesson! They should be killed in the same way they kill tigers.


alright ryan....thats cool...tell me then...whom do you agree with?




This is all good just by saying it. But what are people doing NOW to save our tigers?


I hate those people who kill Tigers. Is there anyway to save Tigers from being endangered?


I need to know what environmental factors are killing tigers beside poachers.


I was researching and I found out it is illegal to kill tigers although people still do it but then go to jail for a long time. So the main problem is that people are invading the tiger's natural habbitats. So I want to tell people not to tear down their homes!!!


its our national animal


1. Freeze dereservation of forest land for the next 50 years or so 2. Relocate all settlements in wildlife reserves 3. Wildlife reserves should come under Central Government perview 4. Close all highways running through wildlife reserves 5. Life imprisonment for poachers 6. Utilize the territorial army to protect wildlife reserves.


I love tigers and I will save them.

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