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Importance of reading and writing
Is reading and writing more important today than past? Why or why not?
Started on  1-Mar-2003  By  ramandeepkaur   E-mail :

Personally I feel that reading and writing is more important today. Everyone's day starts with newspaper. Earlier the technology of printing was poor and moreover reading and writing was confined among the scholars 'pundits' who used to write for kings. Public was not aware of the importance of reading and writing. But if this condition occurs today the whole life would come to a halt. To acquire position in ones field one must know the language completely.


Yes, it is important as now you cannot get job or employment in a world like this.


Writing and reading is very important because while writing our speed and handwriting improves and while reading our vocabulary and language improves.


Yes because we use writing in everyday like sending a letter or trying to get a job and we use reading everyday too like to get a job you have to read the application


Actually as man has developed the other things related to him has also developed, some at fast pace and the other a bit slower. But it is true that reading and writing has become an integral part of our lives and we cannot survive without it.


I am doing a paper on the importance of reading and writing. And I guess I am amazed by what I have learned. I have now realized how important it is to be able to read and write. I feel really bad for those who cannot read or write. What an awful feeling!


I'm preparing a research proposal on 'Influence of Electronic Media on Reading Habits' and by reading a lot of related articles, learned a lot that is important to day to day's life too.


Hi does anyone know good story endings I am really struggling

I think reading and writing is very important whether it be now or in the past. But these days there are so many ways to communicate through reading and writing the world would be unable to function without it!


Today I think that it is very important to know how to write well. And if I did not know how to read I would have, certainly, more dificulty in write. I am a brazilian, and I have to write an essay about this issue. My point is that, if I did not know how to read this article, I would not be able to write my essay, because I would not have any ideas. Thank´s a lot for helping me!


Can you send me your research on the importance on reading and writing? You would be doing me a huge favour.


Reading and writing are the most important aspects of a child's life when he/she's mind is developing in his/her envioronment. Reading leaves an indelible remark on his/her thinking process which in one word can be called "IMPRESSION". The IMPRESSION further kickstarts numerous thinking processes in his/her mind which reaches a logical conclusion in adulthood. That is why it is often quoted "first impression is the last impression". Also supporting this fact is the truth of life which is often recited when we praise successful personalities. The truth is ONE SHOULD BE WELL-READ RATHER THAN BEING A EDUCATED FOOL. Now we come to second aspect--writing. Writing is the output of the thinking process which in one word can be called "EXPRESSION". A child expresses his/her feeling after thinking. Expression can be verbal as well as oral. Through expression a child tries to conveys his/her stand on the issue bugging him/her. So both are necessary and every child should cultivate these traits for overall personality development. But see the irony. Reading and writing habits are becoming extinct these days due to advent of technology. People prefer "SMS" & "E-mail as their method of expression because the impression of technology is quite clear in their mind. I do not say don't use "SMS" & "E-mail" but please atleast use the conventional methods of expression which are still liked by people.


I have my son 10 year old very difficult for him in reading and writing.


I am also doing an essay right now on the importance of reading as child. If anyone had any input about what they think about that topic, they could send it to me!


I'm doing an essay about the importance of reading and writting. I've read all what you have written and I'll take from it many information. If you have more informations send it to me please.


I'm in 10th grade and I just wrote an article on the importance of reading for our school newspaper.


I live in a developing country Cambodia which is now calling for help from international countries to pick it up from poverty. So, reading and writing are such a way that can help its people to keep up-to-date so as to know what is happening.


We cannot directly say that reading and writing is more important these days than past. It is an ongoing process. Nobody make us bound to read and to write if we do not feel necessary. As reading gives knowledge, ideas. Again writing is also a tool of communication. Can we say that communication in today's era is more important than past? After all it ensures same importance in proportion to change of technology. In past the requirement was less but now days requirements are more. So keep reading and writing.


Thanks so much, everyone. Your input in this forum has helped me so much in writing my essay on reading, and writing. Thanks again. Darnell Ferrell


Thanks for helping.


Reading and writing are the primary skills a child should master. A good student is identified on the basis of how he writes and how well he reads. These are however one of the criteria. If a child can write his thoughts on paper with a creative touch it can definitely help him during the exams and when he grows up there is a possibility of him becoming the author of a bestseller and also becoming a second Shobha de and Jitesh Pillai who are very well associated with work of journalism and column writing. Reading is also something which can turn into a career. Good readers are often very good communicators and hence have doors always open to become news readers, reporters, radio jockeys and other well acclaimed jobs. Hence I can say Reading and Writing can make you very successful overnight.


I think I have learnt a lot from those people who wrote about the importance of reading and writing. And I want to thank them, because they helped me a lot in getting good ideas for my school essay. Alos I totally agree them. THANKS

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